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Sweat & Ink

  • Subgénero: Circo
  • Fecha de Estreno: 06 June 2019
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  • Compañía/Artista: Cirque Barcode
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  • Teléfono: +15148917959
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  • Datos técnicos

    • Autoría: Cirque Barcode
    • Dirección: 198 rue Gary Carter Suite 401 Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2R 2V7
    • Intérpretes: Alexandra Gaelle Royer, Eric Bates, Eve Bigel, Tristan Nielsen
    • Traducción: The show has a bit of text, the main text is in English and French but certain parts were translated
    • Adaptación: Jipi Cloutier
    • Escenografía: Jipi Cloutier
    • Vestuario: Cirque Barcode
    • Música: Betty Bonifassi
    • Iluminación: Arnaud Belley Ferris
    • Sonido: Betty Bonifassi
    • Duración: 01:15


    Sweat & Ink is a touching tale about memory, our relationship to technology, and identity. It attempts to show that the way we choose to live our lives and interact with others is determined by our individual understanding and interpretation of our past memories as well as our collective past memory. Hence four different stories inspired by the way each of us perceive memory and our individual desire to become more and more memorable while our collective identity becomes less and less rooted.
    The technical circus elements are meant to meld seamlessly with the dramaturgy of the work and serve to propel the subject matter forward, thus developing a distinct acrobatic language that underlines the unique trademark of the Barcode Circus.