The Spanish Network of Publicly Owned Theatres, Auditoriums, Circuits and Festivals is a non-profit body that was established in 2000 under a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

La Red is present in 679 publicly owned exhibition spaces, 5 festivals and 14 regional networks and circuits via 145 direct partners.

This means 200,000 seats throughout Spain.



Over 1,000,000 visited pages every year

4,400 companies, artists and distributors with their own area on our website

5,000 registered shows

Our mission is:

To boost the performing arts and music sector, making it more accessible to everyone. We work to consolidate the public structures for exhibition and production, to guarantee a high-quality, pluralistic and diverse range of performing arts. Our association creates a space to reflect on how to develop training, research and new technologies, to make theatres effective, efficient and innovative organisations.

Our vision is:

To position ourselves as an essential sounding board in the performing arts and music sector, not only at a national level but also internationally. La Red sets out to be a major catalyst for knowledge, information and the aspirations of stakeholders participating in creation, exhibition, distribution and communication, collaborating in the generation of ideas and cultural policies to strengthen and improve the sector.


Creativity, accessibility, transparency, innovation, research, effectiveness, diversity, passion.


Dance on Stage. Artistic circuit promoted by the INAEM and developed by La Red to increase the presence of dance in the subscribed venues.

Summer School. La Red, in collaboration with the Higher Technical School of Performing Arts and the Performing Arts Technology Centre, offers training for technicians and managers of the performing arts.

www.redescena.net. Meeting place for sector stakeholders, which facilitates areas to all users to enable them to publish and advertise contents. It provides a constant flow of information about the performing arts.

Workshops on Social Inclusion and Education for the Performing Arts. La Red, in collaboration with the INAEM and other organisations, encourages the adoption of good practices to improve social inclusion.

Escenium. International meeting place for reflection, presentation of studies and preparation of diagnoses and analyses on the main issues and policies affecting the performing arts sector.

Programming map. Study of the programming of subscribed spaces to create guidelines for future action.

Notebooks for recommended performances. Selection of events in Theatre, Circus, Dance and Music by programmers and managers that are members of La Red.

Open to the Public. Information tool for strategies that contribute towards improving audience management.

Study of networks and circuits in Spain. Study of how performing arts circuits and networks operate.

Management of International Performing Arts Spaces. Training and information program of public theatres in Europe.

International performing arts networks and spaces. La Red keeps in contact with the European performing arts scene for creative and management exchange, the circulation of Spanish creations and the preparation of projects within the Creative Europe framework.